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As educators, we use hockey as a tool to keep students engaged and enthusiastic about achieving their potential within all areas of the school curriculum. Our academy reflects the values of the Winnipeg School Division, which creates an environment that is inclusive to individual student development both academically and athletically.

Students are enrolled in all of the core academic courses, as prescribed by Manitoba Education and Training. Time allotments for Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies meet or exceed the prescribed minutes of instruction per course. The Churchill High School Hockey Academy strives for all students to achieve academic excellence.  Students also take courses in Home Economics / Industrial Arts and are provided with opportunities to join all extra-curricular activities at the school.

The hockey academy is also designed to complement and enhance skill development opportunities within the current Hockey Canada branches and their minor hockey associations.

Our vision is to empower students to become responsible, productive, global citizens in the 21st century. As a UNESCO school, we will ensure that peace is at the core of all that we do as a community by using the four pillars of learning: learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together.

 This program, which began in 2016, starts at the grade 7 level and now continues into high school grades. Registration for new participants is now open and can be found on the "forms" page of our website.

Churchill High School has a long standing tradition of academic, athletic and artistic excellence. The programming within the academy is an extension of both the school and the classroom, mirroring the vision and mission of CHS.  At Churchill, you have a choice of either the English or French stream of instruction as this school offers classes in both official languages.

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